An Outgoing Note – April 2018

At The End Of A Year Of Change

The Gosport & Royan Twinning Committee are no longer part funded by Gosport Council and have now set up their own governance and committee with more community involvement.

New opportunities for local advertising now exist on the launch of our new website. Contact

As Deputy Mayor of Gosport, one of my duties is to chair the Gosport and Royan Twinning Committee.  One of my first duties was to host the Deputy Mayor of Royan last year and for us to parade together to the Falklands Memorial with the many veterans who attended the parade.  It was a memorable and poignant occasion.

As I enjoy visiting France, this year has been a pleasure for me to join in and help drive things forward, but this week saw my last Committee as Chairperson.  It has been a year of change, with a new Secretary and Treasurer, Mr Richard Dixie Dickson, who volunteered to take on both roles.  For that I would like to extend my grateful thanks for a job well done and he has certainly made my task easier.  Dixie has liaised with his counterpart, Arlette, in Royan and arranged the accommodation exchange hosts and details and I know that those of us visiting France this year will have a great time.  My grateful thanks Dixie.

I have enjoyed the experiences so far so much that I intend to remain as part of the Twinning group for the future and look forward to our 60th Twinning next year which will be in Gosport.  If anyone reads this and is interested in taking part, hosting, helping raise funds or by having an advertisement on our website please contact us using the details provided.

Meanwhile I look forward to visiting our Royan twins at the end of May to promote the continued friendship between our two towns.

A bientot

Diane Furlong

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